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Self Help and Advice

This page provides some basic health and fitness advice. We will update this page periodically. It is a work in progress.  As we wait to add more information we thought this basic advice might help you for now.

Basic exercise for your upper back...

We recommend that you always take into account your physical ability and environment before following any exercise advice. This advice is general advice and we can not be held responsible, should you have any injuries / accident following it....

The following should be done 2 to 3 times a day...

1) Place pole behind back, pull up along spine and draw elbows together as much as possible, hold for a few seconds, release and lower to waist (repeat for 1 min)

2) With pole behind back push arms away from the body, lower head to chest, raise head and bring your arms back to starting position. (repeat for 1 min)

3) Triceps dips on step or Chair, place hands on edge of the step fingers pointing forwards, sit on hands and lower body off of step then raise body up with arms keeping elbows pointing backwards. Start with 5 and increase gradually to 10.

4) Pull shoulder blades together as tightly as possible hold for a few seconds and slowly release till shoulders are almost at starting position then pull shoulders blades together and repeat for 1 min.

5) Chin ups with both over hand and under hand grip/pull ups using a variety of grips, for example:- wide narrow overhand underhand do as many as possible with legs out at hip level so body should look like the letter L.

6) Press ups.

7) Biceps curls elbows locked into sides and arms slightly bent to begin, slowly bring forearms up to 90% , slowly lower and repeat for 1 min.

8) Lateral raises... With arms at 30% from body slowly bring them up to just under 90% from body slowly lower and repeat for 1 min.

9) Hang from a door frame or bar.

10) With an elastic band behind your back and under slight tension pull out away from the body then twist hands from thumb facing downwards to thumbs up and right the way through to thumbs facing backwards. Repeat the twisting of wrist without releasing the tension of the band. As exercise gets easier increase the strength of the band or double it over.


Try to always pull your abdominal muscles in about 2 to 3 mm this will help push your head and shoulders back.


If you live within the Liverpool City Region and want to get back in to shape through running, we recommend try Boundin Forward, who offer personal fitness training services. Please click here and say we recommended you, should you use their services.

Sun protection...

Please remember to use sunscreen when outside, especially in the Summer. Looking after your body with exercise is just as important as protecting yourself from the Sun, especially when taking part in outdoor activities, such as sports, but what protection should you uses and how should you apply it?  We will be adding some helpful advice on how to apply it and what are the best types of sun blocks and screens to use within your sport to this page, very soon.


FHT has verified the name and therapies practised for each member listed on the FHT Register and/or Directory, as listed as Marcus Croman. Click here to see conformation of this notice.  Marcus Croman is a member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.



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