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About us

Our team has over 50 years' of combined experience in the sports therapy industry.  We have a wide range of therapists, yoga specialists and sports coaches. We aim to deliver top level treatments to our clients from every walk of life.

Introducing Holistic Realignment...

From our base of operations, located in the North West of England, Holistic Realignment provides a 360 specialist sports therapy service, working both within the Liverpool City Region and overseas.

We provide, both onsite and offsite services, not only for individuals, but also for corporate clients, insurance companies and healthcare providers to name just a few. It isn't just sports related injuries we help our clients to overcome, but also recovering from car crashes, repetitive strain injuries, trips and falls, and more. But our main focus is on what we specialise in, providing high level sports therapy to all levels and types of sports.  As a result we provide support to local schools, through to providing complex services for large sporting events, such as those run by the International Tennis Federation and Northern Vision. We not only cover tennis events, but all types of sporting events, from gymnastics, athletics, rugby, football, swimming, martial arts, and even competitive climbing events! We also provide additional services under our sister business +Physica.

What makes our services unique...

Our track record says it all. What makes us unique is our sporting expertise, that includes having experience coaching international athletes, through to staff being qualified fitness, gym and aerobics instructors, as well as some of us having studied martial arts. In fact, Marcus has also provided support at events like the Commonwealth Games, when it was held in Manchester, 2002. We are always happy to look at helping your event to deliver world class sports therapy treatments, both here in the UK or overseas. Our award winning services not only aim to provide treatment for your injuries, but also help our clients to avoid injuries in the first place!

Privacy is at the centre of what we deliver...

Our connection to high-level sports means we work with some of the worlds top flight sporting stars, from up and coming, to past and present. As a result we are fully registered with the UK's Data Protection Registrar. You can be confident that we will always keep your details confidential, unless you give us permission to release it.

Marcus Croman with Polona Hercog is a Slovenian professional tennis player, at the Liverpool International Tennis Tournament in 2017.

Some of the sporting events we have worked at...

Northern Vision.  The 2002 Commonwealth Games, officially known as the XVII Commonwealth Games and commonly known as Manchester 2002 were held in Manchester, England, from 25 July to 4 August 2002.

The ITF Junior World Tennis Tour gives players aged 18 and under the opportunity to travel the world and develop their talent.   The International Tennis Federation (ITF) is the governing body of world tennis, wheelchair tennis, and beach tennis. It was founded in 1913 as the International Lawn Tennis Federation by twelve national associations, and as of 2016, is affiliated with 211 national tennis associations and six regional associations.


Working on a clients neck and head.  

FHT has verified the name and therapies practised for each member listed on the FHT Register and/or Directory, as listed as Marcus Croman. Click here to see conformation of this notice.   Marcus Croman is a member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.                  


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