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Is it just sporting injuries you treat?

We might specialise in sports injuries and prevention techniques, but we don't just treat sports injuries.  Even if your medical issue is not as a result of a sporting injury, our treatments can often help you. Although sports therapy has been designed within the sporting world, the treatments used are just as effective for a whole range of injuries and ailments in every day life.  For example if you suffer from whiplash, as a result of a road traffic incident or following a fall at home, the treatments we use for top level martial artists are exactly the same as what we would use for domestic or work place injuries. Also, we can use our skills to help every day repetitive strain injuries such as those from working on your phone or iPad. That is why we set up our sister service +Physica, please do look at those services as well. You can book your treatments today though either service, online.

Common complaints...

» Recovery from RTC (eg. Whiplash)
» Sports Therapy
» Post Trauma Therapy
» Pre and Post Surgery Therapy
» Rehabilitation (Treatment and Exercises)
» Remedial Massage/Exercises
» Swedish Massage
» Sports Nutrition / Nutrition Advice
» Infant Massage Instruction
» Posture Analysis/Correction
» On-site Massage
» Stress Management

If you’re putting on an international or local sporting event, Holistic Realignment can provide qualified staff to cover your requirements. We can also offer you corporate hospitality treatment services for conferences and other events.

Marcus Croman working at the Liverpool Cricket Club Liverpool International Tennis Tournament with Marion Bartolli.

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What to expect...

Sports therapy is designed to aid recovery from injury, at or following an event, or as part of a long term training programme. It can benefit everyone young or old whether they take part in sports or not....

Sports therapy includes:-

» Sports massage
» Swedish massage
» Trigger point
» Compression and electro neuromuscular techniques
» Posture analysis soft tissue manipulation
» Stretching and exercise
» Nutritional advice

During your treatment we use a range of techniques. Not everyone is the same and therefore everybody reacts differently to injury or pain.

Benefits of Sports Therapy:-

» Faster recovery time from injury, workout or surgery
» Increased flexibility and range of motion
» Relief from fatigue
» Reduced injury healing time
» Improved circulation (blood and lymph)
» Reduced muscular tension, cramping and inflammation post event.

Remember always to check that your therapist is fully qualified and insured, ours are...

Marcus with Jacqueline Cabaj Awad Oslo 15K winner.Our Services...

At our practice...
Liverpool City Centre, UK

Our practice is located in Old Hall Street, Liverpool.  We do not operate a drop in services for either Holistic Realignment or Physica. All appointments must be booked in advance, online or by phone.

» Swedish / Deep Tissue / Intuitive Massage.
» Sports Massage.
» Sports Therapy.
» Clean Touch.

What is Clean Touch?

Clean Questions and Clean Language was created by David Grove, a creative therapist born in New Zealand who also lived in the US and in Europe. David Grove found that exploring the clients' metaphors using their exact words allowed them to change their perceptions, provided that the questions were free of the facilitator's interpretation and distortion. The resulting changes were natural and sustainable.

Marcus says:- "My Clean Touch is a result of time spent talking and collaborating with:- David Grove, Caitlin Walker, Shaun Hotchkiss, Penny Tompkins and James Lawley and the wonderful Jennifer De Gant. I also wish to thank everyone in the Clean Language community that has helped me on my journey of development especially Caitlin, Marian and Penny and James who threw me into the deep end and Jennifer who introduced me to the French Clean Language community which welcomed me like home."

Clean Touch is a combination of Clean Questions with bodywork and is predominantly used to release trauma from the body. Trauma is quite often held within the body and everyone's body reacts differently to this, for example someone might feel they have a membrane beside an organ that holds all of their grief or pain. Another person may hold trauma from an accident in a certain area of their body. Normal physical therapy cannot release any of these as the mind is involved in locking this in place. Part of Clean Touch is allowing the client to be in control and thus it starts with them placing themselves where they wish to be and equally they position the therapist. 90 minutes are allocated for a session, but may not be required for every session.

Mobile Services...
Treatments at work or home

If you can't get in to see us, we can come to you!

We don't add addition charges for travel if you are within the Merseyside or West Lancashire area.  If outside that area, we will charge travel costs.

Organic Aromatherapy (treatment / prescribing / pre-blending for home use)

» Indian Head Massage.
» Lymphatic Drainage.
» Reiki.
» Reflexology.
» Massages - Deep Tissue / Remedial / Relaxation.
» Hot Stones Massage.
» Thai Herbal Compress.

Event Bookings...
Sports & conferences

If you’re putting on an international or local sporting event, Holistic Realignment can provide qualified staff to cover your requirements. We can also offer you corporate hospitality treatment services for conferences and other events. 
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Holistic Realignment is a member of both the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) as well as The Federation of Holistic Therapists. We are also Data Protection Act (DPR) and (GDPR) compliant...

Educational Services...
Teaching the next generation of elite sports therapists...

We offer via our Physica service specialist training in a wide range of areas, dealing with sports therapy and physical health related issues. We work with Liverpool Hope University students who are able to learn more than just the basics though our mentorship.

Holistic Realignment also works closely with other Universities, at events like the Liverpool International Tennis Tournament.

We are proud to work with
Uniquely in European higher education the university has an ecumenical tradition, with Saint Katharine's College having been Anglican and Notre Dame and Christ's both Catholic. Its name derives from Hope Street, the road which connects the city's Anglican and Catholic cathedrals, where graduation ceremonies are alternately held.


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FHT has verified the name and therapies practised for each member listed on the FHT Register and/or Directory, as listed as Marcus Croman. Click here to see conformation of this notice.  Marcus Croman is a member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.



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